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GreenGear Supply

Helping You Enjoy the Outdoors, Sustainably

GreenGear Supply provides more sustainable alternatives for single-use bags and rain ponchos to stadiums, events and outdoor venues. Currently, we are reimagining plastic products through the creation of our EcoRain® Poncho and EcoShop bag.

Through these fully reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and sugarcane-based products, GreenGear helps venues significantly lower carbon footprints, reduce their reliance on petroleum and work toward zero waste initiatives. 

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Track, Manage and Measure your Waste Streams with Scrapp

Scrapp provides software to help stadiums manage their operational waste footprint, so they can save money on waste handling, turn their waste into revenue and achieve their zero-waste goals. Scrapp's digital tools can educate and incentivize fans to make a positive impact at the game or at home. Through its gamified mobile app, smart bin technology and procurement software integrations, Scrapp quantifies the impact of waste - saving time on waste auditing, headaches on compliance and unnecessary fees on waste management.

Try out Scrapp's free barcode scanning app, for anyone to learn how to dispose of their waste at home and minimize their impact on the planet.

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Our Partnerships

Benefits For Customers

Our suite of complementary products will make your stadium a fan favorite

Right Products

Provide your visitors with the right products through the use of the EcoRain® Poncho and EcoShop Bag

Recycle Right

Use the Scrapp Separation Station or the Scrapp app to recycle right at your stadium


Analyse your business' footprint through our impact metrics, donations and recycling data

What Our Solution Would Look Like For You!

Below is a timeline of what you can expect from working with the GreenGear & Scrapp teams.

  • Before working with us

    Scrapp already has data to analyse your current impact, waste volume and contamination levels.

    That's easy!

  • Within the first 3 months

    We can help on-site to create a recycling program, we assist you in customer education and we design your branded ponchos and/or bags.

  • After 3 months

    GreenGear provides you with new, more sustainable plastic products. Your impact already improves since you utilize less petroleum-based products and part of your purchase amount is donated to charities.

    Our partnership helps the GreenGear products towards a fully sustainable life cycle.

  • After delivery

    Scrapp will provide you with analytics to compare your footprint before and after implementing the GreenGear products.

  • Finally

    YOU can make better decisions to improve your stadium's footprint! 

    The analytics will show a clear path forward to improve your impact even further.

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